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Worried about attacks on your infrastructure? Not sure how to improve your security and what the current threats and trends in cybersecurity are? We will answer your questions and take care of your company’s security.

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Worried about cyber attacks? We offer functional measures:

Comprehensive supervision

The safety of our clients is constantly monitored by proven tools and experienced specialists.

Practical approach

We design solutions that adapt to your needs, not the other way around.

Focus on detail

All it takes is a small loophole and you've got a problem. We'll keep an honest eye on all vulnerable spots.

Maximum cybersecurity coverage


Elastic Security Operation Center - continuous monitoring of threats in IT.

If you don’t have an in-house team, we provide cybersecurity as a service backed by the experience of an expert team and powerful technology.

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Our developed log management/SIEM for log collection, correlation and analysis.

Collecting and evaluating cybersecurity and operational events has never been easier. Detect and remediate infrastructure issues before they negatively impact your organization’s operations.

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Solutions and services for privileged account management


A tool for managing and monitoring privileged accounts.

Knowing is good, but seeing is better. System administrators have access to important configurations and data. Use video logs to expose those who abuse their power.

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Solution for privileged access control and session recording and monitoring.

Get a tool that lets you define security policies to control access to accounts with extended permissions, and more.

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Endpoint security solutions and services

logo Sophos

Exploits, malware, ransomware… They are often talked about, they are difficult to prevent. Advanced AI-based technologies provide active protection.

logo McAfee

Is preventing data leaks a priority for you? When it comes to combining DLP functionality with classic endpoint protection, McAfee is the best value for money.

Network security services

Portfolio of network security activities

With a properly configured next generation firewall, we ensure the perimeter of your enterprise network is protected. We discover and treat vulnerabilities and allow access only to authorized devices. Last but not least, we also perform detailed data flow analysis.

E-learning courses on cyber security


Learning management system

The ideal solution is to combine both technical protection and special employee training. After all, the best response to security threats are educated and resilient people.
We supply the training system as a complete package, including the concept. Moodle has a wide range of applications, so we are happy to adapt it to your requirements and needs.


Current safety courses:

  • IT security essentials
  • Physical security
  • Social engineering and phishing
  • Remote work
  • Electronic mail
  • Security on the web

We guard the security of many important organisations

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Why do our solutions work?

We have a track record, we are consistent and we enjoy security.

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Real experience

We have been helping with cybersecurity for many years in governmental bodies, medium-sized companies and large corporations.

Non-stop supervision

The security of our clients is continuously monitored not only by fine-tuned tools, but above all by experienced experts involved in 24 x 7 x 365 mode.
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Two steps further

We are truly interested and fascinated by security. We constantly monitor current events and anticipate possible scenarios.
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Focus on detail

All it takes is a small security loophole and you've got a big problem. We keep a watchful eye on all vulnerable spots.

We have the capacity and are happy to secure your environment

Mgr. Pavel Štros Ph.D., CISA

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