A single platform for managing and reporting smart things

IoT Hub

We are introducing our own smart sensor and actor integration center that allows management, provides detailed performance analytics, and reports historical and current data.

The solution can be connected to your existing technologies, covering them and creating a unified system. Another option is to use ready-made specific variants of this product that we have created.

Applying the IoT HUB

The IOT hub can be used in the private sector as well as in healthcare facilities and public administration.

collection of real data

about production, urban life or the needs of people

flexible decision-making

responding to sudden needs or crisis situations

effective data analysis

all data clearly in one place

integration of security agendas

linking systems of different competences

Ready-made solutions

Mayor’s Office

Not only an urban analytical information system, but above all a tool to facilitate the management of important urban elements and to support a more comfortable and safer life in the locality. This is the IoT HUB integrated into the office of the modern mayor.

Solution content in a nutshell:

  • backbone support network for the sensory layer,
  • smart public lighting,
  • weather stations with data publishing and alerts,
  • integration to the camera system.

Follow-up functionalities:


Smart parking lot

  • I-Parking – solutions for monitoring parking areas and their surroundings.
  • AI-Parking – evaluation of occupied spaces using advanced vehicle detection and classification algorithms.
veřejné osvětlení

Innovated public lighting

  • complete modernisation of the lighting infrastructure,
  • higher efficiency and cost effectiveness, dimmability, remote control,
  • building and managing infrastructure for data collection, storage and processing,
  • implementation and management of applications using processed data.

Intelligent camera system with many functions, e.g.

  • counting of cars with determining their category,
  • records of vacant parking spaces and suspicious movement of people in parked cars,
  • detection of a queue, e.g. in front of a building,
  • detection of human congress.

Modern weather station

  • different types of hardware and functional design,
  • mains or battery powered,
  • transmission type Sigfox, RJ-45 etc.,
  • measurement of Cox, Nox, particulates, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • value visualization and alerts.

Asistive living

Assistive living is a concept of providing innovative support services suitable for monitoring the elderly and others at potential risk. Based on community support, it systemically links health care and social services.

This integrated technical solution has proven itself in cities with outreach nursing services – retirement homes and private homes of the elderly are equipped with sensors and panic buttons connected to an intelligent IoT HUB system. Social services dispatching collects data from available sensors, evaluates it and processes it automatically. In case of problems, it works with the individual in question.

It helps in modernising social services

  • It allows seniors to remain in their natural environment for as long as possible.
  • Ensures safety through sensors and technology.
  • It provides an intelligent connection to the control room and evaluates the data.
  • Monitors the current health status of individuals and provide health care support.
  • Co-creates a new segment of the sharing economy in elderly care.

We are happy to prepare a concept to fit the real needs of your environment!

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