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IT as a service

IT as a Service

Important technologies need care

We monitor the operation of technologies and take care of the complete management and service of equipment from many manufacturers. Our department works 24 x 7 x 365.

We service hardware, set up software

We provide outsourcing of corporate IT including staff care and configuration support, equipment and management are provided also in the form of operational leasing.

Jiří Singer

Jiří Singer

Department Guarantor

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Complex work with information

We streamline communication across a spectrum of channels. We enable reliable message delivery and emergency information handling.

We help you to know

We create interfaces between communication services and information systems (DATASYS UMS). With the Communication Information Centre we solve crisis scenarios.

Zdeněk Kubišta

department guarantor

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The core of information systems

Nothing works without infrastructure. In this area, we provide comprehensive implementation and integration services, as well as consulting and advisory services.

We provide complex integration

We offer a portfolio of services in the field of virtualization and cloud computing, but we also provide networking, monitoring, authentication, routing and other associated activities.

Jan Roule

Jan Roule

department guarantor

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development and innovation

Development and innovation

The world is constantly shifting

We follow trends, we use the latest technologies. We often invent completely new technological solutions as well as we integrate ready-made solutions.

We develop new solutions

We create tailor-made products for our customers, but also in-house products – e.g. IoT HUB, field service management Workmate or ParcelBoxes for e-shops and logistics.

Václav Veselý

Václav Veselý

department guarantor

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Cybersecurity requires attention

We secure and monitor information systems at all levels. We provide comprehensive services, but we also deliver tools and solutions.

We provide protection solutions

We provide eSOC services, perform risk analyses and consensus studies, and our own ELISA Security Manager tool with SIEM capabilities has already established itself on the market.

Mgr. Pavel Štros Ph.D., CISA

department guarantor

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We help in a lot of places

We have experience from almost every area of business and public administration. For more information, check out our References section.

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