Crisis Information Centre (KIC)

A communication tool for informing organisations

KIC is a system that supports the smooth running of any business or operation.

The reality of recent years has proven the importance of technology to help respond quickly to change and collaborate with employees and the outside world. KIC receives information from various sources such as IoT sensors or communication systems, sends messages to the appropriate contacts and supports instant responses based on predefined scenarios.

It is suitable for the private segment, manufacturing plants, healthcare and emergency services.

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preparation for any event

focus on everything that can disrupt the organisation

element protection

critical infrastructure as well as production and organizational processes

using existing systems

connecting to your established technologies

cost saving

zamezení neblahých událostí, využití vašich systémů

easy to use

focus on anything that may disrupt the organisation

predefined scenarios

ideal management of crisis events

Examples of use

Every organisation is made up of people and physical assets. Therefore, KIC finds application in a wide range of potential “crisis” scenarios. The situations listed here are the most common, but our solution can be adapted to almost any need.

expertní tým

Health and property protection

Keep event security under control, e.g. in case of fire, chemical alarm or unauthorized entry.

Protection of soft targets

Protect the health and lives of your employees by allowing them to call for help at the touch of a button.
30 let v oboru

Defect in supplied technology

Check your customer´s equipment, plan service interventions and prevent serious breakdowns.
důraz na detail

Defect on the production line

Support your business with the early resolution of faults on production technology or elsewhere where IoT sensors are installed.


There’s a fire on the premises. The smoke reaches the fire sensor, which is located near the disaster. The sensor immediately transmits the fire status code to the KIC engine.

The KIC engine knows what to do in case of a fire:

  1. Calls for help – Immediately sends a message to the members of the fire brigade and the person responsible for the company’s operations.
  2. Informs  – Sends an immediate notification of the event to all employees present, while warning them from the speakers.
  3. Resolves the situation  – Helps provide a solution to help, i.e., the destruction of the fire. The alarm is then terminated by the fire team leader.
  4. Reports the event  – Reports the activities and reactions of the individual participants at all times. The report is then sent to the competent person.

Protection of soft targets

A doctor in a medical facility confronts an aggressive patient. He uses the panic button to summon help.

The KIC engine responds to the signal and takes this situation into account:

  1. It calls for help – It delivers the location of the doctor to the head of security and the security guard in the building. The guard goes to deal with the situation.
  2. Addresses the problem – Alerts all employees in the immediate area of the danger. The aggressor is calmed by the guard.
  3. Reports the event – Reports the activities and reactions of the individual participants at all times. The report is then sent to the competent person.

Equipment defect / security incident

The production line has stopped and is not running. What now?

KIC will help, the control line has given the information about the interruption. KIC engine has a scenario already prepared:

  1. It informs – sending a message to the managers – operations and safety department to check the situation. KIC puts an alert on the technicians’ workstation.
  2. Resolves the fault – Locates the technician present and forwards information about the fault to him. If that technician is unresponsive, seeks another.
  3. Reports – Reports the activities and reactions of each participant at all times. The report is then sent to the competent person.

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