We call it MobileChange and Communication Hub

Reach your recipients automatically, efficiently and securely! Introducing our own solution that interfaces between different communication services and information systems.

We provide the solution as a cloud or on-premise service.

sends and receives messages

sends messages from information systems using SMS, DataSMS, Viber, Messenger, etc.

selects the most appropriate communication service

verifies the delivery of messages or selects an alternative route

controls applications and devices

e.g. an incoming SMS triggers a script that checks the status of the boiler etc. - according to your technical needs

automates communication

in relation to devices supporting data and SMS messages

collects information from sensors and evaluates it

sends warning messages, e.g. about production faults, lift jams and other events

enables marketing communication

informs and allows e.g. competitions via SMS or data messages

forms the interface for internet banking

it has advanced features that meet stringent safety standards

provides crisis mass information

allows effective communication outside and inside companies and the public sphere

How the solution works


The user sends a message

Any kind, perhaps about production, a marketing event, urban life or personal needs.

The system evaluates the dispatch

It finds out where and how to send the message and delivers it to the recipient in the most appropriate way.

It's considering all options

If the message is not delivered by the required time, the system searches for other possible routes until the message arrives safely.
Alerts and reports

Alerts and reports

It notifies the sender of the success and offers a complete overview of all messages.


SMSInfo – web interface for SMS campaign management

  • for immediately informing beneficiary groups
  • for creative campaigns

DataSMS – a new dimension of SMS campaigns

  • to make information campaigns significantly cheaper
  • requires application installation (can be integrated into existing applications)

Reliable communication is the key to success. Choose a solution that sends messages simply and cost-effectively!

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