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We have experience in designing nationwide information systems, as well as ensuring the stable operation of smaller businesses.

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General IT infrastructure services

  • Troubleshooting, architecture, consulting
  • Analysis, migration and optimization
  • Infrastructure security
  • Servers, storage, networking
  • Virtualisation and Cloud
  • Advanced backup and data protection

Network solutions

Fortinet Security Fabric

Benefit from comprehensive protection against security threats with interacting elements. Unified interfaces and automation simplify management, reduce the potential for human error and, most importantly, save time and money.

SD-WAN technology

Replace MPSL with a more modern solution! SD-WAN is an intelligent, secure and cost-effective replacement for connecting branch offices and headquarters. It provides the benefit of low connectivity costs and short response times that improve the user experience.

Microsoft, Fortinet, loga


Get a complete overview of your network. Our solutions allow you to dynamically control access based on endpoint identity and security status. We choose from several vendors to find the best fit for your needs.

Kemp , Fortinet, F5, Radware

Application Delivery Controller

Maintain the availability and security of critical work processes. A solution deployed as software, hardware or cloud optimizes server performance and availability, as well as securing workloads. Its qualities are used by Audi, Apple, Sony and others.

Analyses with links to infrastructure

Runecast, VMWare


Avoid errors, complications and outages with advanced environmental analysis proactively, not reactively. It’s faster and stress-free.

Security Score Card

External security reputation

Identify the organization’s vulnerabilities to and from the internet. Uncover the wider context of the entire digital footprint and the potential for data leakage.

Modern backup and recovery tests

Veeam, Microsoft

Cloud or traditional

Want peace of mind and security in the event of a ransomware attack. We can design a simpler solution for your organization on Azure Backup or Synology, or a more robust solution on Veeam technology. What’s important is the right configuration and regular recovery tests.

Central management of mobile devices

Miradore, Sophos, Microsoft


Manage your devices smarter. We have a central and very cost-effective solution for all platforms. Your devices and data will be safe, organised and you’ll save time through automation. Deployment is a matter of a day.

The best cloud tools and services for today’s way of working

Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint

Benefit from complete and ubiquitous solutions that enable absolute team collaboration. Efficiency is guaranteed with communication through Teams and our custom-built Sharepoint web interface. We can help with implementation, integration, data security and training for your employees.

Microsoft Azure

Put traditional infrastructure concerns behind you. The advantage is minimal upfront investment and predictable costs. It’s a secure environment with high availability from anywhere. We will be happy to prepare a comparison with traditional infrastructure!

We have already created system backbones for a number of organisations

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