Contactless solution for parcel pick-up and delivery.


Our own product for e-shop operators and shipping companies, which saves time and costs when placed in a suitable place.

ParcelBoxes are the boxes you know from big stores. We manufacture them together with our sister company SYSCAE.

It’s a locker system designed for picking up or returning parcels. It is robust, steel, with a display, QR code reader and payment terminal.

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The parcel pick-up and return box system saves time for its operators and their end customers.

See how the solution works in practice.

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They make money

reducing transport costs and increasing margins


jízdy, pochůzky a lidskou práci všeobecně

They support people's health

no one needs to meet

Expanding portfolio

customer care and warehouse and transport technologies

Save time

no waiting in queues or long transports

Work around the clock

serve as a remote branch or warehouse

They strengthen your brand

another form of customer care

They are environmentally friendly

reduce emissions from transport, we also have a solar option

Types of delivery boxes

We will adapt the number of boxes and their size to your requirements, as well as the design. It is designed so that it does not need any application to be used.

Classic ParcelBox

  • ideal for a larger number of boxes
  • robust solution
  • low cost
  • long service life

Solar ParcelBox

  • for smaller number of boxes (up to 30)
  • less maintenance
  • energy self-sufficiency
  • easy operation

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