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Proven solutions

Our tools have been used for many years by a wide variety of small and large organisations.

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We respond to current trends and are constantly adding new extensions.

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Interface between communication services and information systems


  • for automated, efficient and safe addressing of recipients
  • includes the FaxChange fax server, the MobilChange SMS server, the PAD call centre solution
  • sends and receives messages from information systems and forwards them to mobile clients via SMS, DataSMS, Signal, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
  • it selects the most suitable communication path, verifies the delivery of messages, and chooses an alternative path if necessary
  • the Crisis Information Centre relies on it to ensure the transfer of information according to prepared scenarios
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  • a service that allows you to deliver messages using data and PUSH notifications
  • determines which of the supported internet services the message arrives through
  • optimises communication costs (free operation via data transmissions)
  • delivers a fully automated communication workflow

Communication tool for well-informed organisations

Crisis Information Centre

  • allows to react to changes and cooperate with employees and the outside world
  • receives information from various sources (IoT sensors, communication systems)
  • reacts based on predefined scenarios
  • sends information messages to the relevant contacts
  • addresses health and asset protection, soft target security, defects in supplied technology or production line failures
  • ideal for e.g. manufacturing companies and technology suppliers
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IP communication solutions


  • we are partners of 3CX, we deploy and integrate this solution into customer systems
  • this PBX solution can be used from anywhere via mobile apps and browsers
  • it adapts to your size and offers an excellent performance/price ratio
  • delivers call queuing, embedded video calling, web conferencing and more with a single configuration interface
  • Allows integration of web-based live chat, Facebook and text messaging

Depending on the specific conditions and needs, we also use other IP PBX solutions, such as FreeSwitch.

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