Software for managing field workers


Managing people in the field requires flexibility and the ability to respond quickly. WORKMATE provides overview and control.

It allows managers and dispatchers to be as clear as possible about what tasks need to be completed in the field – it’s great for directing all the workers who go out on assignments.

It will also simplify the work of the staff on duty by showing what to do, when and where to do it, recording the result of the work and sharing additional information, photos and more all in one place.

Our software can be used for any type of field service business and works great on desktops and mobile devices.

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Improves organisation and its workflow

eliminates the need for paperwork, human error and overlapping tasks

Reduces expenditure on field staff

more tasks can be completed in one day, also using less fuel.

Allows workers to conveniently document their work

no paperwork, outdated documents and limited overview

Strengthens customer service

employees make fewer mistakes and get everything done in one stop

It will help everyone on the go

service companies


service personnel

workers stocking goods

courier services

utility workers

and others, to whom it will adapt

Enables managers to

  • record/plan tasks and assign them to people
  • attach photos to tasks
  • plan recurring tasks
  • track complete task history
  • monitor employees, whether they are at work and where they are located
  • select the most appropriate staff for the task

Allows employees to

  • report for shift
  • view task schedule
  • navigate to the task location
  • add comments, photos and tasks
  • record the start/pause of work on a task
  • record the completion or rejection of a task

Its price suits even smaller companies – the solution runs in the cloud, you only pay for the license.

Mgr. Pavel Štros, Ph.D.
DATASYS Technical Director and Security Segment Guarantor

Choose a digital work solution that is feature-packed, clear and always at your fingertips!

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