Innovative, yet still traditional

We provide a variety of IT services and have a large team. Whatever we do, we never compromise on our values, which include expertise, the importance of relationships and functional solutions.

What we pride ourselves on

expertní tým

Our work is based on expertise

We follow developments in the field and are constantly developing professionally. We also have all the necessary certifications for the benefit of our customers.

We are a family business 

We are a Czech company with a family atmosphere – our founder was Miloslav Novák and his son Martin is continuing in the business. In the same way we care about our team and customer relationships.

We make IT simple and human

Technology should improve lives and processes. Our solutions correspond to our customers’ needs and their development and subsequent use always make sense.

You’ve been able to rely on us since 1994

We’ve been on the market for a long time and despite these hectic times, we haven’t given up on our traditional values. First of all come honesty and confidentiality of information. We know that partner relationships can’t be built without decency and mutual respect and that the modern world cannot function without taking the surrounding society into account and accepting responsibility.

We introduce and operate useful technologies

Whether this is making the government accessible (sending e-government orders), simplifying commercial processes (by introducing our own ParcelBox solution), providing cybernetic security or implementing technologies within a broad range of organisations, we always want to increase efficiency and provide extra value to our clients as well as the end users of the solution.

Look back on our 25th anniversary with us

Experience, backed by action

DATASYS was founded by Miloslav Novák and his wife Eva. From a handful of employees there quickly grew a large team.
We created a family of UMS products – communication tools that we continue to deliver in innovative forms.
We started working on a Data Box Information System that is still being developed today.
Martin Novák joined our company, bringing some youthful vigour into the rusty processes.
The current day
We have begun to present a number of our own projects – such as ParcelBoxes or eSOC.
Martin Novák

“Family. That’s one way you could also describe our company, DATASYS, founded by my parents in 1994. We’ve always tried to be partners to our customers, to understand their business and bring them new ideas and vision. We think that a handshake is more than just a contract and that’s how we build our whole approach. You only have one name. For me personally, it’s been a great honour to continue with the family tradition. I’m sure that we and our customers have lots of success ahead of us. This is just the beginning.”

Bc. Martin Novák Son of the founders and sales director

Martin Novák
Martin Novák
Pavel Štros
Pavel Štros
technical director

We support interesting projects

We take part in various charitable and meaningful projects.

We have gained important certifications

Our qualities and credibility are backed up by recognised documents.