Breakfast brunch for clients

Kdy? Thursday 23. 9. 09:00 - 11:00
Kde? Ostrava - Vítkovice, Ollies

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Cybersecurity is a critical topic that requires constant attention. But how do we ensure it when a shortage of security professionals is plaguing everyone? The solution is eSOC, active security surveillance with an elastic payment system. It is the eSOC that we will be introducing at this event.

Why pay attention to eSOC?

  • Provides continuous monitoring of ICT systems against threats.

  • It works in direct interaction of experts with deep knowledge and experience.

  • It relies on proven security systems.

  • Provides immediate analysis and response to threat conditions.

  • Delivers meaningful interpretation of suspected incidents.

  • Requires payment only for what you actually need.

  • Represents the utmost care for your security.

eSOC is a SOC that adapts to you. Don’t buy a rabbit in the bag, but a proven service where we only charge for what is a value to you. It will be our pleasure to share its features and benefits with you!

Kdo bude přednášet?

Ing. Radim Pracuch
Key Account Manager

Leading Key Account Manager. His strength is a strong technical background that allows him to find the most appropriate solutions to meet customer needs. He strives to become a trusted and long-term partner who will actively assist in digital transformation, increased cyber resilience and IT innovation.


Event capacity is limited. Please register early.

Ing. Martina Horáčková


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