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Fortinet is a leader in network security. It has more than 100 offices worldwide, nearly 4,000 employees and more than 350 patents in force. With its broad portfolio, it offers a new generation of security tools that are proven in the operations of large multinational companies, as well as smaller organizations.

Fortinet Security Fabric

Securing individual parts of enterprise IT is never enough. All solutions must work together to form a unified fabric that covers the entire network and includes security sensors and tools that know about each other and work as a single unit, even if they come from different vendors. Fortinet is the only company that offers security solutions for networks, endpoints, applications, data centers and clouds with an approach that works together and allows them to function as an integrated security architecture.

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Individual solutions – our picks

FORTIGATE – perimeter security

The flagship product, available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to fit any environment and provide a wide range of next-generation firewall security and networking features.

  • Fortigate reduces management complexity with automated visibility into applications, users and the network, even in encrypted environments.
  • The best price/performance ratio according to recognized tests NSS Labs.

FortiGuard – laboratories improving protection

  • Systematic collection of information and extensive research.

FORTIANALYZER – reliable reporting

An integral part of the administrator’s job is the overview of the current status, trend overview and reports.

  • Customizable SOC dashboards,
  • network assessment and risk score,
  • regular reports on workload and events.

FORTISWITCH – safety connector

  • With interconnection to FortiGate, it achieves a higher level of security and extends network insight.


  • Wi-Fi with enhanced security achieved by linking to security policies.

FORTICLIENT – for end devices

Separate antivirus and malware scanning is not effective.
We recommend integrating checks with firewall.

  • Complete station security,
  • central administration and reporting,
  • integration into the security system.

FORTIDECEPTOR – automatic detection and response to external and internal threats

  • Early warning system achieved by accurately detecting the activities of the attacker,
  • creates deceptive virtual machines and decoys that integrate with existing infrastructure,
  • collects information about attacks and automatically applies security controls to them.

FORTIMAIL – strong communication security

  • 94% of malware is delivered via email – superior protection against common and advanced threats,
  • reduces the time required to secure emails,
  • perfect for Office 365 security.

FORTISANDBOX – advanced threat detection

  • A robust solution combining active testing and threat suppression with automation.

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