Information about the protection of privacy and cookie use

This privacy and cookie use policy concerns the website of the company DATASYS s.r.o, with offices at Jeseniova 2829/30, Prague – Žižkov, postcode 130 00 ID No.: 61249157, entered into the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague under listing No. 28862 C, as the personal data controller (hereinafter “DATASYS”), namely the website at 1. What personal data do we collect? We only collect your personal data if you submit a contact form (for more, see the related Consent) or subscribe to receive our commercial communications (for more see the related Consent). Within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (called the GDPR), cookies can also be considered personal data – to see how we manage cookies check Section 4. 2. What do we use this information for? We use the information collected from you to:

  • improve your experience with our website (the information helps us react better to your individual needs),
  • allow you to make use of certain website functions – for example Facebook comments,
  • so that we can react to your questions,
  • in order to send information and updates from our website,
  • for subsequent marketing activities (only if you give your explicit consent),
  • analyse the aggregate data of our business activities.

Our website uses the analytis service provided by IMPER CZ, s.r.o.

The application simplistically recognizes which company has accessed our website so that it is able to assign the visit to a legal entity, i.e. a company. Leads in this case do not assign visits to specific persons or sole traders, but exclusively to limited liability companies or joint stock companies. Leady therefore does not contain or process personal data.

Leady uses “fingerprinting” technology, which sends data about the hardware you use via your web browser. This includes, among other things, information about the IP address you use. If your IP address is firmly linked to your company’s ID number, the data can be linked to identify the company that visits the website.

3. How we protect your information We make use of a variety of security methods in order to make sure your personal data is stored as securely as possible. Your contact information is stored in secure databases, and communication between the databases is always encrypted. Your data is stored in an encrypted form and protected by a strong password (or passwords). The website you use to submit your form also utilises secure SSL encrypted communication. We don’t sell, transfer or in any way provide your data to others. This provision may be violated in cases where the data is requested by an institution during investigations that are part of legal proceedings. We do not, however, ever provide your data to third parties for marketing, promotional or other purposes. We also provide your data to our processors, for example to data analysis software (Google Analytics), chat software (Intercom) and potentially to our subcontractors. We maintain and regularly update a list of all our processors. If you’re interested, we can provide you with more information at the email address All data processors apply sufficient safeguards to all personal data. 4. Do we use cookies? Yes. Cookies are small files from our web pages and are stored on your computer through the browser. Cookies allow us to identify your browser and record certain information. The nature of this information can be of various types. Cookies may, for example, store your language settings or user ID, which may be considered personal data. We use three types of cookies on this website:

  • Necessary for the site to function – for example, we store information about your language for us to display the website in it.
  • Necessary for supplementary site functions and basic analytics – these cookies are, for example, the ones introduced by Facebook, the provider of our comments, Twitter, since we make use of their latest tweets box, or Google, which allows us to collect basic data about our website.
  • Adverts – this type of cookie allows us to discover further information about you, such as your age, gender and interests, and to target your movement online (what is called retargeting).

5. Your consent and its revocation You provide your data: name, surname, email, phone and company name to us for the time of our mutual cooperation or for a period of five years. Information gained from advertising cookies is used for a maximum of one year for advertising and 26 months for web analytics. You can withdraw your consent at any time – we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Contact us at the address 6. Changes to this Privacy Policy If we decide to change our policy regarding the protection of your privacy, any such changes will be displayed on this page. 7. Contact us If you have any questions concerning this security policy, get in touch. By mail at the address: Jeseniova 2829/30, Prague – Žižkov, postcode 130 00 ID No.: 61249157 By email at the address::