Introducing the new project

Introducing the new project

We joined forces with our sister company SYSCAE and together, we developed a robust, practical and very cost-effective ParcelBox solution. Full details can be found on the new project website –


ParcelBoxes = solution for online stores and carriers

ParcelBoxes are lockers for picking up, returning, or storing parcels. They are made of steel, with an anti-corrosion coating. The number of storage boxes and their design is completely customizable to the customer’s needs. We supply them with a screen, QR code reader and payment terminal. The end user does not need an app to access the box.

They do not require the presence of any employee, they are always available, easy to place and can be relied on for many years due to their robust construction. Purely Czech delivery boxes, similar to those in which the largest online stores leave their packages. 

Their main advantages

  • They make money – they reduce shipping costs and increase margins. 
  • They consolidate – rides, errands and human labour in general. 
  • They expand the portfolio – of customer care and warehouse and transportation technologies. 
  • They promote human health – no one has to meet. 
  • They save time – no waiting in queues or long transports. 
  • They work around the clock – they serve as a remote branch or warehouse. 
  • They reinforce your brand – another form of customer care. 
  • They are environmentally friendly – they reduce emissions from transport, and we also have a solar-powered option. 

Our ParcelBoxes are purely Czech, with local support and design, and a development team passionate about their production.