We are the service support of CZC.cz

We are the service support of CZC.cz

The scope of our IT as a Service department’s services extends from corporate clients to end customers. This is in response to the current times, which place high demands on the functionality of technology across locations and applications. In the second half of 2020 alone, our colleagues handled 640 service requests from CZC.cz customers.

It’s been some time since we joined forces with the computer technology vendor CZC and introduced a service that no one else on the Czech market offers – unique service support after the purchase of a product. The scope of support can range from basic computer setup before the first start-up to a technician’s trip directly to the customer. Customers can choose from four service packages: 

Basic Start Package

This is the setup of a newly purchased PC before it is delivered to the customer. It includes getting the PC up and running, creating user accounts, and installing basic programs.

Remote Support

Valid for the entire warranty period. Allows you to contact our technical support to troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

Home start-up

This means support after the hardware has been purchaseddirectly in the home of the customer. Our technician will come to the designated location, start up the machine, install everything and guide you in its use. 

Home service

It consists of solving common software and hardware faults during the product warranty period directly at the customer’s home or premises.

The packages can be purchased directly in the CZC online store.

Whether it is a simple problem, or, for example, a virus removal or a complete revision of the computer, we are ready to provide top-quality service – remotely and directly at the customer’s home or premises. We believe that we can help many more customers, who would have otherwise struggled, set up and maintain their technology smoothly.